FAQ and Floral Consultation Guide

Here are just a few ways you can prepare for your complimentary consultation with Root!

1. Have your wedding date chosen. The time of year you are getting married may cause fluctuations in flower prices. Some flowers have limited availability and can only be sourced during specific seasons or months of the year. Knowing your wedding date will allow us to give you an accurate floral quote as well as offer suggestions about blooms that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Most florists also have limited availability for weddings each week and knowing your date will allow us to know if we have availability for your date or not.

2. Have your venue booked. We will need to know your wedding ceremony and reception locations to suggest floral arrangements that will complement the aesthetics of your chosen venue.
***The first two ways to prepare are the most important! If we don't know your date we can't know if we have availability to take on your wedding. Also, if you haven't chosen your wedding venue, your florist can't give recommendations on how to choose flowers to decorate it.

3. Inspiration. Bring us photos that inspire you! Although flower pictures are always welcome, we challenge you to find something that doesn’t consist of flowers (Art, architecture, interiors, fashion, etc.) or simply tell us something memorable from you or your fiancés' childhood. We LOVE to hear your stories and feel like it can really bring something special to the overall design.

4. Have a budget in mind. We currently have a minimum amount of $3,000 for all custom weddings. Your budget may need to be adjusted based on your floral needs and if you are unsure about the cost of flowers we will be there to answer any questions. Most of our couples come to us because they love florals and really want the florals to be a key element in their wedding. We suggest a budget of 20-25% of your total wedding budget for Pinterest-worthy, fine-art inspired, lush designs. However, by the time that you plan your wedding flowers you have probably realized that everything costs more than you planned. We respect that most brides do not come in with an unlimited budget and are happy to find ways to work with you to find ways to economize something that will still complement your color scheme and design. Key is knowing where to splurge and where to be more frugal. Some examples of money stretching options are:

• Repurposing flowers from the ceremony into reception,
• Using our vases instead of purchasing your own,
• Choosing less expensive flower options that have a similar look and feel,
• Working with catering or your wedding planner to move arrangements to avoid 
charges for on-site labor or wait times,
• Return the vases yourself instead of having us pick them up after the event,
• Using more expensive flowers only where they will have the most impact, and • Selecting flowers that are in season will generally be less expensive.
• Ordering from our collections if you have a budget less than our $3,000 
minimum, over at

5. Create a list of floral needs. How many bridesmaid's bouquets do you need? How many guest centerpieces? Do you need ceremony flowers? Is there a stunning fireplace mantel that should be adorned or an entryway they could use some flowers? It's okay if you aren't sure who should have flowers or exactly where you should place flowers at the ceremony or reception as we always send a questionnaire prior to you complimentary consultation and then help you determine who you might want to give flowers to or where you can add floral decor during the meeting.

6. Book a consultation early. This is especially important if your wedding date is in March, April May, October, November, January- the most popular wedding months in Southern Louisiana. You should contact us 6-8 months or more prior to the wedding date to set up a consultation (note: we don’t book weddings more than a year out). If you wait until the month before the wedding to book a consult you may be very disappointed to learn that your favorite florist is completely booked for your date.

7. Have fun. This should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

If you are planning your wedding from out of town we also offer phone or Skype consultations to decide on your wedding flower arrangements.

Other FAQ

May I see a mockup of the proposed florals?

We are happy to create a mockup of any element that you would like after the contract is signed. Our preference is to create it between 30 and 60 days before the wedding to account for seasonal flowers that may not be available year around. This also gives us time to make adjustments before the final proposal and before we give commitments to our vendors. There are two pricing options with mockups. We can create them for you at 50% of the $300 retail value and we will keep them once you have seen them or you may take them home to enjoy at regular price.

What information is included in the proposal?
Our proposal will itemize all agreed upon floral elements and their individual prices, rental items and their prices, any miscellaneous items and their charges, delivery and pickup charges as well as any on-site labor charges. There will be no hidden fees and no additional charges without written agreement from both parties. Anything that is estimated will be noted and if possible, a range for potential charges included. All floral elements will include a general description of the style and colors with a list of some of the flowers that may be used. We are happy to revise the proposal twice prior to the deposit being paid. You should have a good feeling as to whether or not we are a good fit for you with the second iteration.

Once a deposit has been paid and the contract has been signed we are happy to provide as much detail about the proposal as you would like. You are not completely bound on quantities until the final proposal which is typically agreed upon 30-60 days prior to the wedding. Even at this point, items can still be added as needed, but we are not able to decrease the total amount more than 15% as commitments will have been made to our vendors to purchase the flowers for your wedding.

What is the required deposit amount to hold my date?
We require a 40% deposit of the total booking amount once your contract is signed.

Do you offer rental items other than vases?
Yes! We have candles (votives, pillars, tapers) plus a variety of holders/covers to choose from for those items. We also offer multiple backdrop rentals such as our metal circular arch and boxwood walls.

How do I preserve the flowers after?
We do not assist with this, however, we do recommend contacting Preservation Press out of Lafayette. They are two talented gals who can make your dried flowers into beautiful works of pressed art that you can hang on your wall forever! :)